Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Corfu’s cuisine is inextricably tied in with its history and this is what makes the food here so different from the rest of Greece. The four best known Corfiot dishes show their Venetian influence. These are Sofrito (sliced veal cooked withvinegar, garlic and parsley); Bourdeto (a peppery fish stew); Bianco, (a white, garlicky fish stew); and Pastitsada, (apasta and meat dish).

Corfiot cuisine is neither spicy nor bland, but rich in the flavors of the Mediterranean.Specialties consist of local ingredients found on the island, especially olives, lemons,vegetables, tomatoes and fish. Many dishes hark back to the days when cooks put allthe ingredients in a single pot and left it to simmer all day.

Lamb is traditionally the principal meat in Corfiot cooking. It can be found in dishes such as the classic Moussaka, or, cut into pieces, marinated in olive oil and lemon juice, it is grilled on skewers. Fresh oregano is commonly used with skewered lamb. Rosemary is traditional with leg of lamb, which is served with avgolemono sauce made with eggs and lemon. Other common Corfiot herbs are basil, parsley, mint, and dill. Garlic and onions are, of course, an integral part of Corfiot seasoning. Pork, beef, and game are marinated, grilled, and baked. Chicken is usually grilled or roasted.

Fish are traditionally cooked whole, with the head and tail still attached. They are often seasoned with herbs, and marinated in olive oil and lemon juice. Fish are grilled over hot fires, or baked. Shrimp, octopus, and squid are also popular.

Cheese is an important part of Corfiot cuisine. Feta cheese, made from goat’s milk, is white, crumbly, and very pungent.It is used in salads, meat dishes, spread on bread, or even wrapped in grape leaves and grilled. Kefalotiri is another popular variety that is harder; it is grated and used like Parmesan.

Cold Dips  Served with wedges of pita bread. Can also be used to accompany crudités

TARAMOSALATA: Fish roe dip, mixed with bread crumbs, olive oil, lemon and garlic
TZATZKIKI: Yogurt dip with shaved cucumber, garlic, olive oil and vinegar
TYROKAFTERI: Cheese dip of 2 different Greek cheeses, yogurt, red peppers and a sprinkling of hot pepper spice
MELITZANOSALATA: Grilled egg-plant dip, mixed with fresh herbs, onions, olive oil and vinegar
SKORDALIA: Mashed boiled potatoes mixed with olive oil, lemon and lots of garlic

Starters – Can also be served as part of a mezze selection

SAGANAKI: Fried “yellow” cheese.
FETA IN THE OVEN: Feta cheese with sliced tomato, onion and herbs melted in the oven
GRILLED MUSHROOMS: Seasonal grilled mushrooms with herbs and garlic
DOLMADAKIA: Vine leaves wrapped around spiced rice and minced meat
TYROPITAKIA: Small feta cheese pies
SPANAKOPITAKIA: Small spinach pies with crumbled feta and herbs
OCTAPODI XIDATO: Tender octopus pickled in white wine vinegar
BEKRI MEZZE: Pieces of spiced pork or local sausage cooked in red wine, tomato sauce, feta, spices and onion
GAVRO MARINATO: White wine vinegar pickled fresh anchovies

Pita Sandwich Wraps – Greek version of fast food

PITA GYROS: Pita bread wrapped in a cone with tomato, onions, chips, tzatziki, lettuce, home made sauce and gyros meat.
PITA SOUVLAKI: Pita bread wrapped in a cone with tomato, onions, chips, tzatziki, lettuce, home made sauce and grilled chicken or pork souvlaki meat.

Salads and greens

ROOKA: Rocket and lettuce salad
HORIATIKI: Greek salad. Seasonal greens Rocket, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, olives and feta cheese
HORTA VRASTA: Boiled seasonal wild greens served with olive oil and lemon
KOLOKYTHAKIA: Boiled courgettes (zucchini) served with olive oil, lemon
PIPERIES FLORINIS: Grilled mix of peppers served with olive oil and vinegar
TSIGARELI: Sautéed wild greens with fresh tomato, spicy red peppers and herbs.
KOLOKITHOKEFTEDES: Courgette (zucchini) balls with herbs, fried in olive oil.


KOTOPITA: Puff pastry filled with fresh cooked chicken, rice, peas, sweet corn and carrots
KOLOKYTHOPITA: Homemade pastry filled with courgettes, onions and herbs
HORTOPITA: Homemade pastry filled with a mix of seasonal wild greens and feta cheese
TYROPITA: Cheese pie
SPANAKOPITA: Spinach pie with crumbled feta and herbs

Main Courses

PASTICHADA: Beef or Cockerel cooked in a spicy tomato sauce with pasta
MOSHARI KRASSATO: Beef cooked in wine sauce
HIRINO ME FETA: Pork cooked with onions, carrots, white wine, mustard and feta cheese
MOSHARI SOFRITO: Veal cooked with garlic and parsley in a white wine sauce
MOUSAKA: Aubergines, potatoes and ground beef in a tomato and fresh béchamel sauce baked in the oven
PASTICHIO: Ground beef in tomato sauce with macaroni, topped with a fresh béchamel sauce, baked in the oven
PAIDAKIA: Grilled lamb chops with a marinade of virgin olive oil, lemon and oregano
AGKINARES ME ARAKA: Fresh artichokes cooked with peas, dill in a lemon sauce (lamb optional)
GIAHNI: Mix of fresh beans, potatoes in a tomato sauce baked in the oven
PAPOUTSAKIA: Aubergine stuffed with mince, tomato sauce and cheese
LAMB YOUVETSI: Young lamb with orzo pasta in tomato sauce, cloves, cinnamon
GEMISTA: Stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice, mince meat and herbs

Seafood dishes

XIFIAS: Grilled Swordfish fillets
KALAMARI: Fried kalamari
LAVRAKI: Grilled Sea bass
SINAGRIDA: Grilled Dentex
TSIPOURA: Grilled Sea bream
ROFOS: Grouper
OCTAPODI: Grilled Octopus
SARDELA: Fresh sardines grilled
GAVROS: Fresh anchovies flash fried
MARIDES: Fresh Smelt/white bait, flash fried
BOURDETO: Fish cooked in tomato sauce with onion, garlic and red spicy pepper
BIANKO: Fish stew with carrots, potatoes, garlic in a white lemon sauce
ASTAKOS: Lobster
MYDIA: Mussels