Istioploikos Omilos (Sailing Club)

Type: Restaurant
Style: Contemporary Mediterranean Cuisine
Price range: €25,00-€35,00 PP
Location: Corfu Town, Old Venetian Fortress.

How to get there: The restaurant is situated in the old Venetian fortress’s North side.
Walk through the main gate, turn left and follow the road along the North perimeter. In approx. 300m you will see a section of the road sloping downwards, follow the road/path until you reach the water’s edge. The restaurant is on your left hand side in front of the sailing club marina.
Tel: +30 266 1038763
Tips: Beautiful, romantic location at the foot of the Fortress’s North fortification wall facing the island of Vidos. Unfortunately it involves a little bit of walking (approx. 400m) as cars are generally not allowed in the fortress (exceptions are made on request). Although an island, ordering fresh fish in Corfu can be quite expencive depending on the type of fish/seafood.
Coordinates: Latitude: 39.6244 Longitude: 19.9278

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