Meander Handling provides dedicated ground handling and aviation support services to GA, BA, Executive and Military traffic in Kerkyra-Corfu (LGKR). Our team will cater to your individual requirements to ensure a trouble free stay whilst simply providing a good, efficient & professional service. All of our efforts are focused on providing our customers with tailor-made solutions and the best passenger and crew amenities, be it a simple tech/fuel stop or a high profile VIP flight.
The quality of our services are highlighted by the fact that Meander Handling has been used for years as a preferred vendor by many worldwide aviation services companies, the likes of Skyplan, Universal Weather & Aviation, Signature Flight Support, Flightworx, Air Freelance and many more.

A small sample of services we provide on a daily basis

Ground power carts

  Crew lounge with satellite TV, wifi, printing facilities

Lavatory service

  Exclusive access to ramp Wifi

Potable water service

  Exclusive Immigration & Customs Fast Track services

Baggage off/loading facilities

  Flight planning

Passengers steps

  ATC & RWY slot management

Towing and headset services

  Discounted crew hotac

Complimentary Weather & Notam briefing services

Landing-Parking permission in most Greek airports

Aircraft security

  Direct link with Eurocontrol CFMU

Aircraft stand marshalling

  Fuelling services

Crew & Pax ground transportation

  Basic interior cleaning

Push back and air start capabilities

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