Station Management

The service package ‘Station Management’ offers the following

  • Carrier representation  & liaison with local authorities
  • Carrier representation with 3rd party contractors
  • Supervision of all Ramp activities ensuring safety, security & carriers standards are maintained
  • Delay, Diversion & Flight cancellation coordination
  • Crew & Passenger Welfare Handling for delays, cancellations
  • Crew management
  • Flight Statistics including monitoring supplier service levels, delay analysis, revenue, reports etc
  • Emergency Site Coordination
  • Sales & Marketing


Some might think airline representation is outdated, we beg to differ. What better service to have your own ‘Station Manager’ at each base you fly to, who can deal with issues on the spot and to your company’s regulations/requirements. Who can ensure your 3rd party contractors are providing value for money, are keeping to Service Level Agreements and are keeping to safe working practices and carrier regulations. Passengers still value a carrier’s presence and personal touch especially during delay situations. The benefits hugely outweigh the minimal cost for this service and with the additional revenue collection on behalf of the carrier can easily contribute to this cost.

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