Effective March 2017 Fraport AG will take over the management of the 14 main International airports in Greece.

These airports are:

Aktion - Preveza  (LGPZ-PVK)
Chania - Souda (LGSA-CHQ)
Corfu - Kerkyra(LGKR-CFU)
Kavala (LGKV-KVA)
Kefalonia (LGKF-EFL)
Lesvos - Mitilini (LGMT-MJT)
Mykonos (LGMK-JMK)
Rhodes (LGRP-RHO)
Samos (LGSM-SMI)
Santorini - Thira (LGSR-JTR)
Skiathos (LGSK-JSI)
Thessaloniki (LGTS-SKG)
Zakynthos (LGZA-ZTH)

To view the airport fees for both the Fraport Ag and HCAA controlled Greek airports (except Athens International LGAV-ATH), Follow this link

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