Base Administration

The service package ‘Base Administration’ offers the following:

GH agreement negotiations
GH extra services price negotiations
GH invoice payments
Landing & Parking fee payments
Passenger Tax payments
Supplier Invoice cross check and payment on behalf of carrier
Credit note request for incorrect charges from 3rd party suppliers
Weekly and/or monthly statement to carrier
Carrier NOT required to deposit GH guarantees
Carrier NOT required to deposit airport fee guarantees
Statistics & Payment services including full account support for expenses
Fuel Purchase Scheme.

On a financial basis, we regard this as the most important package we offer. Over the years we have seen contractors using every trick in the book trying to overcharge for services provided, from “over-use” of GPU’s to the number of wheelchair loaded, ramp buses used, additional man-hour charges, baggage delivery to resort, catering delivery etc.
Our team will check every Invoice, Work-Order & Service Slip in order to ensure you are being charged correctly.

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